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Some of Our Clients....

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Our Clients 

We tend to attract and gravitate towards successful organizations, executives, leaders or entrepreneurs who are interested in more than simply profit. 

Our clients tend to recognize that the real opportunities for breakthroughs in their businesses and organizations lie in building excellent teams, challenging and growing their people to full potential, developing all aspects of their leadership, and creating product/service opportunities which make the world better.

They recognize that sustainability, purpose and passion are collectively bound and when activated fully the monetary rewards become automatic

We Are Typically Asked in
By Business Leaders Who:

Are looking to move their business, organization and or team from better to good to amazing: These individuals typically have some ideas for how they would like to improve their leadership, team, culture and or employees and are looking for support in making it happen. 

May have some concerns about one or more members of their team: There could be a problematic employee who disrupts overall performance or holds the group back. Or, there may be one employee who has potential but simply has not lived up to it. Or, someone on the team gets results but at the cost of disrupting internal/external relationships and motivation.

​​​​​​​Are starting to feel stressed about their work: They may feel like they are on the path to burnout, or feel they have more challenges than they can handle, or there may be a compromise occurring in the areas of health and wellness or work/life balance and they know they need to address it proactively.  

Kercz International was founded in 1988 as a boutique applied workplace psychology consultancy with expertise in assessment + development; management and executive leadership; organizational high-performance; training + facilitation; and personal development coaching. 

We have supported individuals and organizations in meeting the on-going challenges of creating sustainable high performance work settings. We take into consideration the complexities of the human element – the driving force behind all organizational success. 

We provide a comprehensive range of consulting, coaching, training, facilitation, assessment and advisory services that revolve around improving the performance of individuals and teams and the work they wish to pursue individually and collectively. 

We are unique in the consulting world, combining extensive expertise in workplace psychology, behavioural science, creative problem solving, and personality assessment with applied experience in numerous business settings as entrepreneurs, inventors, and business owners.  
We have worked with a variety of large and small private sector organizations as well as middle to senior level management and individuals who understand the need for and are willing to make the commitment to achieving higher performance in their work settings.

About Us

Our Approach to Developing High Performance Organizations + People

We work in partnership with our clients determining directions, aspirations, needs and how best to meet those needs. 

We carry out specialized reviews of the organization and its people, identifying or re-identifying presenting or un-resolved problems.

We meet with senior executives and business sector leaders to discuss corporate objectives, style, cultural perspectives and plans for organizational development.

We meet with management in key operating areas to identify strengths and weaknesses and the approaches they take to achieving objectives which have been set out for them.

We meet with employees to evaluate their feelings about the way the company functions and the sorts of changes which they foresee in the immediate future.

We seek to identify strengths, weaknesses, issues and strategies which will have an impact on the future functioning of the organization.

We identify and develop plans of action which are appropriate in assisting the company to address the presenting problems.

We utilize objective, scientifically validated procedures as “tools” and apply them to the solution of human problems at work.

We ensure complete understanding through verbal and written feedback and reports detailing the processes and outcomes of our consultations.

We provide complete follow up consultation, coaching and  assistance in implementing recommendations which have been developed.

Our Process

As onsultants and coaches with specialized training in industrial psychology and organization-management behaviour, we function in a variety of roles with clients – advisor, consultant, analyst, coach, mentor, instigator, counsellor, and facilitator. 
Our knowledge of and skills in applying behavioural science techniques are focused on achieving corporate objectives through people, to support the human element in achieving greater creativity, innovation, peak performance and expanded mental capability.

We offer customized strategic testing, interviewing, consulting, advisory, coaching and counselling services for the purposes of improving: selection, promotion, team/organizational functioning, individual, management and executive development, career planning and outplacement initiatives

We utilize: capability testing, behavioural assessments and interviewing, competency modelling, validated psychometric testing, 360 feedback, biofeedback-based psychophysiological stress profiling, behavioural coaching, counselling and developmental planning.

​​​​​​​The result...tailor made selection, assessment and development strategies and results to support strategic decision making regarding the selection, promotion and development of people and organizations.

Set Up A No-Obligation Consultation To Discuss Your Talent 

We'd enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your goals and objectives in building a higher performing group of individuals and organization. Simply email me a time that is convenient for you to speak. There is no obligation what so ever and if I cannot help you out directly I am happy to introduce you to people in my professional netwrok who will be able to help you. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Dr. Richard Kercz

We're known as the people analytics company. We can help you get the greatest returns on your investment in people - all your people! 

We transform organizations through well-positioned investments in assessing people, learning, culture and organizational structure.  


Let us help you transform your organization and your people:

  • Hire only the best
  • Develop potential
  • Promote capability 
  • Increase performance
  • Resolve non-productive behaviours
  • Learn how to inspre and lead
  • Design structures that inspire engagement
  • Access creativity and innovation
  • Reduce Stress and burn-out

If you have people in your organization, we can help you leverage their untapped potential.

PROFESSIONAL Assessment + DEVELOPMENT Consultants​​​​​​​
Selection : Development : Hi-Potentials : Succession : Teams

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Our Services

For over 28 years we have been obsessively helping clients build better people, teams and organizations. 

We provide full-cycle consultancy solutions to support organizational initiatives that utilize human capital.

Our clients continue to use our supports because we have stayed true to our mission and vision of -  “Improving organizational performance one person at a time".

Our Services include:

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How We Serve Clients


Kercz International helps businesses create breakthrough results through well positioned investments in their employees, leadership, and culture development.

Our training as organizational and business psychology consultants allows us to integrate all the elements required to create sustainable change in organizations including: objective advisory support; executive coaching; talent training and development; organizational analysis; mentoring; facilitation of learning events; assessments; action materials; retreats; and knowledge kits.

All our processes are driven by research and our recommendations are evidence-based. We bring the art and science of performance and possibility together to grow business success.

We take into consideration the complexities of the human element – the driving force behind all organizational success. We know and respect that change of any type and degree is difficult at best, and that new behaviours require new routines and ways of thinking. Most important, they require time to be assimilated and ingrained into daily routines. 

We work in a collaborative and supportive manner with clients. We partner to create opportunities for improved organizations and systems and help employees who desire to be engaged and involved. We work with people, we don’t work on them.

​​​​​​​The result - tailor made strategies and processes which support strategic decision making regarding organizational performance individually and collectively.